Forgiveness was easy for you then–why isn’t it now?

Coronavirus has made it painfully clear:  Life is fragile. Life if unpredictable. Do you have unfinished business or need to make amends? This could be your last best opportunity—the time to do it is now. Denial and procrastination are pathways to regret.

See the AgingCare article “Caregivers can Celebrate Mother’s Day With Forgiveness” by Carol Bradley Bursack. It is sage and timely advice—especially for mothers and daughters—and it really hitting home with me this year in a way I never expected.

  • The sainted ideal of motherhood is a myth.
  • Mothers are only human and therefore have flaws. Your mother may have been a wounded soul who overcame her difficulties the best she could.
  • We need to understand, love, and forgive ourselves for our perceived failures. We need to try to understand, love and forgive our mothers for their imperfections, too.
  • Perfection is hard to define and is a matter of perspective.
  • Most mothers did their best, and most of us come to realize this.
  • Remember to look at your relationship through eyes of appreciation, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.
  • We are the sum-total of our life experiences, so nothing is completely forgotten. Forgiveness does not equate with forgetting.
  • Learn from mistakes—both yours and those of others.
  • Reaching forgiveness is important. It is needed in order to lose the guilt and to understand and forgive ourselves.
  • Anger and resentment make you bitter/disagreeable; they interfere with your ability to improve your own life.
Remember:  Deal with this now while the TIME is still available to you.

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