Mom’s moving in

It is important to consider the living environment you can provide when you are considering moving a parent into your home, according to the Caregiving Support Services article How to Prepare your Home When a Senior Loved One is Moving in:

The article discusses the following factors:

  • Financing
  • Storage space
  • Bedroom with single floor living capability
  • Handicapped accessible bathroom near bedroom
  • Look for Ways to Make Mealtime Easy
  • Make way for mobility devices
  • Consider outside spaces

As detailed in What to Do about Mama? my husband and I felt good that we were able to provide his mother with a great living environment when she moved into our home. Very little preparation was needed.

David and I gave Mom our first-floor master bedroom suite—bedroom, bathroom, and sitting room—and filled the rooms with her
furniture and doll collection.

What to Do about Mama? p. 12

Another caregiver reported the following:

My husband and mother-in-law discussed the options. She had
the choice to move to assisted living, or to utilize her finances to
add a handicapped-accessible living area onto our home, which
was what she opted to do. We built a large living area with a
handicapped-accessible bathroom that extended off our existing
family room so we could provide the assistance she needed.

What to Do about Mama? p. 125

Ironically, some years later that caregiver was able to return home to live after a traumatic brain injury because she had that living area and a a 24-hour caregiver.

There are many factors to consider when moving a parent into your home, but having a safe personal space to live is certainly important.

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