The Conversation Project

On page 160 of our book, What to Do about Mama? by Barbara G. Matthews and Barbara Trainin Blank, it states:

“I acknowledge that broaching the topic of death and dying with parents and family members is very difficult and even painful. We may have living wills that specify that ‘no extraordinary measures’ be taken, but how do we and our family members interpret that directive in the midst of a highly emotional crisis situation? The issue is confusing and complicated to say the least—one that presents huge challenges for the elderly and their caretakers.

I would respectfully suggest, however, that it would behoove us all to have this difficult discussion well before the time of need arises so that decisions for treatment are based on our loved one’s expressed wishes.”

The Conversation Project Starter Kit will certainly facilitate the discussion: The Conversation Project – Have You Had The Conversation?

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Barbara Matthews