Caregiving—it isn’t magic

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In the article, 4 Essential Qualities of Women Caregivers, Louisa Stringer discusses the benefits of caregivers developing an awareness of their inner health.  Specifically addressing those who care for a loved one with cancer, Stringer avers that overall wellbeing is enhanced by recognizing:

  • Caregiving is relational
  • Caregivers are resilient.
  • Caregiving is compassion.
  • Caregivers have intuition

The qualities and characteristics of caregivers are discussed extensively in What to Do about Mama? 

“We think, too, that “inner strength” refers to the gifts we might have been born with. But they are also the ones that we have since developed, such as character and abilities.”

“We are addressing here the characteristics of a good caregiver, under the premise that if you are a caregiver, these are qualities you may well already embody. And, if indeed, you feel you are lacking in some of them, we recommend that you work on developing them. The following are attributes that not only facilitate performing your caregiving responsibilities but also can potentially enrich all your relationships.”

What to Do about Mama? pp. 263-268
  • Love, care, and compassion
  • Commitment to family
  • Problem-solving
  • Apply knowledge and skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Understand and set personal limits
  • Effective communication
  • Empower and facilitate