Barbara G. Matthews
Harrisburg, PA

Bio: For nearly five years I served as an Assessor/Care Manager for the Area Agency on Aging of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. My main responsibility was to visit seniors in their homes to administer a comprehensive assessment that determined their needs and eligibility for services. I “retired” to become a full-time caregiver when my mother-in-law moved into our home, an experience that motivated me to write What to Do about Mama? A Guide to Caring for Aging Family Members. I took a hiatus from writing this caregiving blog in May of 2015. During that time I wrote two additional books—my memoir and a family cookbook. Both projects were influenced by my caregiving experience. In addition, my co-author, Barbara Trainin Blank, and I have also spent a good deal of time revising our original book. What to Do About Mama? Expectations and Realities of Caregiving, released early 2020, has been reformatted to be more user friendly and includes a new chapter, The Aftermath of Caregiving, which takes another look at caregiving from a different perspective. So, I plan to have another go at this blogging business with the hope of generating good conversation as the next generation enters the realm of caregiving.

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2 Comments on “About”

  1. vstefans says:

    I got your book in the mail today from Amazon. I think it is awesome.

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