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Readers and Followers: Caregiving is a timeless topic. Following is a categorized index to help you reference past posts relevant to your current caregiving needs. Thanks for visiting! Barb Matthews

Topics of current interest

The Consequences of Isolation and Loneliness

A Sad Reality

Taking Some of the Fear Out of Dying Alone

Corona Virus: Generational Perspectives

Attitudes about caregiving

Setting personal boundaries in caregiving

Attitudes about Caregiving Education

The “We don’t need it yet” phenomenon

Thoughts about Denial

More about Denial

Hospice Experiences

Planning and preparing for caregiving

Caregiving model: living with an elderly parent in your home

Caregiving contingencies

Life is fragile

Caregiver Questionnaire

Becoming a Caregiver and Planning for the Future


The Family Meeting

Slippery Slope

The Evolution of Caregiving

Caregiving profiles and difficult caregiving choices

Aging in Place: Moving in with the Kids

He Needs to Read the Book

Moving In!

Caregiving: Should I quit my job?

Long-Distance Caregiving

That Darkest Place

Your care receiver

Goal Setting: Does it Impact Longevity?



Should you sit in on doctor appointments?


A Thread of Conversation with the Cape Cod Caregiver

Canes: Aging and Vanity

Say what?

Reflection of the Future

When Parent-Child Lines become Fuzzy

The caregiver:  body and mind

Journaling and stress relief

Characteristics and Abilities of a Good Caregiver

Optimist-Pessimist-or Realist

Positive or negative?

Does Caregiving Impact Caregiver Health?

Support Groups

Caregiver’s Break


Caregiver Stress Webinar

Do Family Caregivers Feel Valued?

Not quite the plan: Dating and caregiving.

Looking ahead:  How will our children be prepared?

Caregiving Role Models

Burdening Our Kids–Revisited

Family interaction in caregiving

Family Relationships: Sharing Caregiving Responsibilities

Caregiving and Resentment

Sibling Rivalry and Caregiving

Shared Responsibility

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Emotional Conflict

Resentment: Recognize and Eradicate

It’s in the Book!

Family Dynamics: Caring for In-laws

Caregiver Contracts

Organizing and processing “things”

Lickity Splickity or Little by Little?


It Pays to Prepare

Processing the Pictures


Death, dying and other difficult emotions

It’s COMPLICATED–Attitudes about Dying

Rethinking End of Life Care

The Conversation Project

A Controversial Issue Worthy of Comments

Again, Quality vs. Quantity of Life

Would you choose to die at 75?

People cope with death in many different ways – The Patriot-News

Different Perspectives on Grief

Hospice: When Should They Get Involved?

Childhood caregiving and children’s grief

It never goes away and it has made me who I am.

Missing Childhood: The Overlooked Caregivers

Remembering those who have died 

Heart Memories 

My Counterpart: a Go-To Grammy

Katie’s Story:  Parts One (October 2014) through Twenty-five (April 2015)