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Everyone is a potential caregiver—sometimes caring for multiple generations of family members at once. This is a role many of us are ill-prepared for, and which can be overwhelming. Where do we turn for advice and assistance? What to Do about Mama? offers guidance to present and future caregivers—based on the pragmatic and emotional “real-life” experiences of the co-authors and other caregivers who have openly and honestly shared their challenges, their heartaches, and their joys in caregiving. It isn’t a book by “experts,” but by regular people in the trenches—people like you. It will help you develop realistic goals, expectations, and strategies to keep your sanity through all the trials and tribulations of caregiving. A new chapter added to this second edition, “The Aftermath of Caregiving,” examines ideas for how future caregiving needs can be met—while lightening avoidable burdens. Your experiences may be similar to or different from those of the caregivers featured here, but their stories are likely to resonate with anyone who has cared for a loved one—or will in the future.

After the Pandemic: A Sunbury Press Release

  • A collection of essays by authors who focused on their visions for the post-COVID-19 world.
  • Mother Nature is reminding us, we are not in control.
  • We need to set aside our differences and work together towards real progress. The survival of our society depends on it.