Dauphin County Pennsylvania

Important Dates:
October 19 last day to register to vote in PA
October 27 last day to request mail in ballot
November 3 – election day

Early Voting by mail

Question:  What if a person applies for a mail in ballot changes their mind and now wants to vote in person?

Answer:  According to Jerry Feaser, director for voter registration for Dauphin County, once your mailed ballot is issued, it cannot be cancelled. After receiving balloting materials in the mail you may:

  1. Follow all instructions carefully to both vote and return the ballot to the Voter’s Registration Office. 
  2. Go to the polls and be prepared to cast a provisional ballot; or
  3. Use the “Best and Cleanest” approach:  Go to the polls.  Take the unvoted ballot and return envelope (the one with the declaration printed on the back).  Surrender both parts to the Judge of Election.  Sign the “Elector’s Declaration to Surrender Their Mail Ballot” form.  Complete a regular voting ballot.  Place in scanner.

How can you help?

Volunteers are needed for City of Harrisburg Voter Registration event Saturday October 3rd, 10 AM to 2 PM.

Further questions and information and to volunteer:
Contact Voter’s Registration at 717-780-6360.

Relevant Websites:

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